For 2018 the horoscope brings luck

It is a volatile and unpredictable year with many events and difficult situations, but also many opportunities for those determined to change his life. 2018 will be dominated by independent and active Sagittarius sign and the sign of the Goat, the symbol of ambition. Horoscope tells us that because of them, each of us will have his share of luck.

Mutable signs marked with the sign of Fire, on which will feel the full rigidity of Saturn next year announces extraordinary events and major changes in social and individual. Astral conjuncture is one very special. Stars big faces cardinal signs, Aries (Fire) and Capricorn (earth), Saturn oscillates between Sagittarius (fire) and Scorpio (water) and eclipses of the moon of the year will show the axis Aries (Fire) – Balances (Air ). With these conflicting issues, 2018 will be the year of a new road for many of us. Whether we choose a different lifestyle, or we change profession or just the house, whether we abandon the relationship unhappy and seek spiritual balance in the other, each of us will be affected by astral influences strong in 2018. but everyone will have the chance to choose what is best for him and to enrich their lives with wonderful experiences.

2018 from season to season

In the first two months of the year, the main focus will be the money because the financial situation will be quite poor, both individually and socially. Each will try to find a quick solution, but only those who have a well developed plan will succeed. Spring begins with loss and social conflicts that simmer for a long time. Capsize known law, will choose the new rules, but the sense of justice, that you have all the signs of Fire, will be required to do justice to those who suffered. All spring season will be appropriate for major changes we need: another job or retraining, a new home or a new love, a new life with people who appreciate you and support you. Summer brings peace, balance and new resources. Reconstruction and accumulation is the season, while the fall will be the best time for progress. Ambitious plans and innovative ideas will be more successful during the autumn because we have all benefited under the influence of the solar eclipse of 13 September. Next fall can bring great fulfillment of all the planets, the stars will help to consolidate and finish what we started in the summer and the projects started on the wrong foot will go. The last part of next year will be a period carefree and prosperous for many of us!

Chinese astrological calendar, 2018 will be the year of the Goat or Sheep wood. Superstitious fear that it will begin a difficult period, even if the sheep is an animal beloved and gifted with many qualities. Zodiac Goat symbolizes affection, love of family and compassion. They say, however, that the natives of this sign are too good and too weak for the tough life ahead of them. However, year Goat or Sheep, which will begin on January 19, under the sign of 8, because goat is the eighth sign astral symbol of generosity and wealth. Peace, prosperity, love and understanding are gifts this sign and wooden elements will focus on creativity and originality. Although sheep is sometimes stubborn and inflexible, it manages to adapt in difficult times and overcome obstacles that other Signs fail to win. It is devoted to family and help their friends in need. In goats, many of us will find unexpected resources to move forward and to achieve our dreams.

2018 and the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is said to be the big star of challenges, maturity and inner development. It imposes new rules and constraints, guides you on a path that perhaps you have not elected voluntarily, but you can drive safely on what you intend to accomplish. It is a severe teacher puts us in front of difficult tests, but everything we learn from it will help us to be prepared for anything in life. In 2018, Saturn will transit through the sign of Sagittarius, optimistic, active, independent and often a misunderstood rebel. Saturn’s influence, calm, objective and wise, will bring just balance this sign needs. He will remain in Sagittarius until December 2017 a long period where his influence will be felt fully in society, business, trade and politics. High-level education, spiritual growth and beliefs are also under the sign Sagittarius, so we can expect significant progress in these areas. Here’s what areas will receive beneficial energy of Saturn, for each sign individually.

Aries: marriage, partnerships, labor relations and business.

Taurus: inheritances, legal and administrative matters spiritual life.

Gemini: big dreams, journeys of initiation, unique experiences, beliefs and spiritual values.

Cancer: social status, relationship with parents, privileges at work.

Leo: popularity, friends, protectors.

Virgin: the great tests of life, challenges and major changes.

Balance: spiritual, independence and success.

Scorpio: money and property acquired through work, native talents.

Sagittarius: communication, social relationships, education, traveling.

Capricorn: family, relationships with relatives, home.

Aquarius: romantic relationships, entertainment, contact with children.

Fish: work, careers, health.

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