Chinese astrology 2018 – year of the dog

Legend has it that the Buddha called all his animals to him before entering Nirvana to take good care before he finally left Earth. At his call were the first Rat, Bull, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. In the order of their arrival, the Chinese zodiac years were formed. In fact, the Rat had the mission to spread this call with the Rooster. The rooster was active during the day and the rat was running at night. The rooster, with the zeal to collect as many animals as possible, delayed and reached the tenth. The rat with a lot of practical sense and imagination run around, asking the animals to back it to move faster, so they want to conserve their energy. The horse, full of temper, the fastest of them, refused to take it back for free, in fact out of pride, not accepting to tell someone what to do, but especially when to do. The rat considered Cal from that moment selfish and reckless, and the Horse understood that the Rat was smart but manipulative and pretentious. Since then, they have remained enemies.

Without being discouraged, the Rat went to Bou, who, though heavily but with a good heart, led him back, and, more than that, full of the sense of duty, Boul arrived before the meeting, being the first to arrive. This is why the Buddha announced that he would reward him and honor him to call him the first sign of the cycle. The rat quickly ascended on the back of the Boului and claimed that privilege. The ox did not protest, appreciating the work that he had put forward, so Buddha rightly gave the grateful Goblin the first place and the leadership of the zodiac. Thus, the Rat obtained free transport and the most honorable place. If you are interested to learn more about the new chinese year 2018 you can visit this chinese astrology site :

This is a legend and it seems that this zodiac was used in China only in the 9th century.
The astrological system represented by the twelve animals is a partial one that emphasizes the personality profile rather than the prediction of destiny. The Chinese say the year we were born is the animal that is hiding in our hearts.

For the system to be complete, it is used in conjunction with the Four Poles of Destiny. It is one of the most serious and profound methods used to predict the month, year, and phases favorable to any person.

The five elements
The Chinese attach great importance to the five fundamental elements that come into the composition of the universe: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. They are interdependent, influencing each other.

They are also used in astrology, defining important features.
The metal element gives a tough, inflexible, self-confident, stubborn character, under its sign are people who do not get overwhelmed by problems but who can operate the changes and transformations they want. The metal corresponds to the sense of hearing, and between the organs of the body, the lungs.
The water element works incessantly and silently, the people under its influence, being able to erode the rocks. There are people who want to infiltrate not to dominate, which are flexible and malleable, but in the extreme indecisive. The water corresponds to the sense of the vase, and between the kidney organs.
The wood element puts great value on ethics, under his sign are expansive and generous people, who have a team spirit, with a high moral outfit, good performers, constantly progressing. Weakness consists in taking too many tasks, scattering resources in too many directions. The wood has a sense of smell and the liver between the organs.
The fire element gives leading, determined and secure personalities on them. Under the sign of fire are dynamic, enterprising, road-opening people. They attract with the warmth and shine they emanate, but they can also become destructive by impulsiveness. The fire corresponds to the tactile sense and the specific organ is the heart.
The earth element is characterized by work, practical sense, organization and objectivity. Under the sign of the earth are people who work seriously and methodically, indicated to organize, who do nothing without a good reason. The Earth has a sense of taste and the associated organ is the spleen.

Cycles of the Chinese zodiac
In this way each sign can have one of five characteristics: metal, water, wood, fire or earth. For example, it is Metal Rat, Water Rat, Wood Rat, Fire Rat and Earth Rat, depending on the year of birth.

So besides the 12 types given by the 12 animals, there are 5 different types given by the specific element, resulting in 60 different typologies.
In short, this type of zodiac has a full 60-year cycle with subcylinders of 12 years. From a subtle point of view, we can say that at the age of 12 it is considered the end of childhood, passing to adolescence, then at the age of 24 is the beginning of maturity, as at 36 the majority.

For 2018 the horoscope brings luck

It is a volatile and unpredictable year with many events and difficult situations, but also many opportunities for those determined to change his life. 2018 will be dominated by independent and active Sagittarius sign and the sign of the Goat, the symbol of ambition. Horoscope tells us that because of them, each of us will have his share of luck.

Mutable signs marked with the sign of Fire, on which will feel the full rigidity of Saturn next year announces extraordinary events and major changes in social and individual. Astral conjuncture is one very special. Stars big faces cardinal signs, Aries (Fire) and Capricorn (earth), Saturn oscillates between Sagittarius (fire) and Scorpio (water) and eclipses of the moon of the year will show the axis Aries (Fire) – Balances (Air ). With these conflicting issues, 2018 will be the year of a new road for many of us. Whether we choose a different lifestyle, or we change profession or just the house, whether we abandon the relationship unhappy and seek spiritual balance in the other, each of us will be affected by astral influences strong in 2018. but everyone will have the chance to choose what is best for him and to enrich their lives with wonderful experiences.

2018 from season to season

In the first two months of the year, the main focus will be the money because the financial situation will be quite poor, both individually and socially. Each will try to find a quick solution, but only those who have a well developed plan will succeed. Spring begins with loss and social conflicts that simmer for a long time. Capsize known law, will choose the new rules, but the sense of justice, that you have all the signs of Fire, will be required to do justice to those who suffered. All spring season will be appropriate for major changes we need: another job or retraining, a new home or a new love, a new life with people who appreciate you and support you. Summer brings peace, balance and new resources. Reconstruction and accumulation is the season, while the fall will be the best time for progress. Ambitious plans and innovative ideas will be more successful during the autumn because we have all benefited under the influence of the solar eclipse of 13 September. Next fall can bring great fulfillment of all the planets, the stars will help to consolidate and finish what we started in the summer and the projects started on the wrong foot will go. The last part of next year will be a period carefree and prosperous for many of us!

Chinese astrological calendar, 2018 will be the year of the Goat or Sheep wood. Superstitious fear that it will begin a difficult period, even if the sheep is an animal beloved and gifted with many qualities. Zodiac Goat symbolizes affection, love of family and compassion. They say, however, that the natives of this sign are too good and too weak for the tough life ahead of them. However, year Goat or Sheep, which will begin on January 19, under the sign of 8, because goat is the eighth sign astral symbol of generosity and wealth. Peace, prosperity, love and understanding are gifts this sign and wooden elements will focus on creativity and originality. Although sheep is sometimes stubborn and inflexible, it manages to adapt in difficult times and overcome obstacles that other Signs fail to win. It is devoted to family and help their friends in need. In goats, many of us will find unexpected resources to move forward and to achieve our dreams.

2018 and the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is said to be the big star of challenges, maturity and inner development. It imposes new rules and constraints, guides you on a path that perhaps you have not elected voluntarily, but you can drive safely on what you intend to accomplish. It is a severe teacher puts us in front of difficult tests, but everything we learn from it will help us to be prepared for anything in life. In 2018, Saturn will transit through the sign of Sagittarius, optimistic, active, independent and often a misunderstood rebel. Saturn’s influence, calm, objective and wise, will bring just balance this sign needs. He will remain in Sagittarius until December 2017 a long period where his influence will be felt fully in society, business, trade and politics. High-level education, spiritual growth and beliefs are also under the sign Sagittarius, so we can expect significant progress in these areas. Here’s what areas will receive beneficial energy of Saturn, for each sign individually.

Aries: marriage, partnerships, labor relations and business.

Taurus: inheritances, legal and administrative matters spiritual life.

Gemini: big dreams, journeys of initiation, unique experiences, beliefs and spiritual values.

Cancer: social status, relationship with parents, privileges at work.

Leo: popularity, friends, protectors.

Virgin: the great tests of life, challenges and major changes.

Balance: spiritual, independence and success.

Scorpio: money and property acquired through work, native talents.

Sagittarius: communication, social relationships, education, traveling.

Capricorn: family, relationships with relatives, home.

Aquarius: romantic relationships, entertainment, contact with children.

Fish: work, careers, health.

Gemini 2018 horoscope – know your future

1st decan (21 to 30 May)
From 1 to 6 January, you take the powder of escrotette in duet. You broaden your field of vision by making new contacts, side by side with new heads. You are ravaging, what power of seduction, there is a thunderbolt in the air. From the 8th to the 17th of February, it is a question of asking you about your relationship with others, on the other, to situate you in a different way perhaps in relation to the construction of a home, a family. From the 3rd to the 16th of April, Venus is stationed in your decan, take full advantage of it to improve your sentimental life. Make vows if you want them to be answered. From June 17 to July 10, your throat tightens, your heart beats, a first rendezvous, a hope, a possibility. From 6 to 16 September, you think of nothing but love, pleasure, life is beautiful, what? From October 28 to November 5, your loves are under the celestial sunlight. Your charm is devastating. From December 16th to 24th, your couple is in line with the planetary sights, take full advantage of them to play Santa Claus of Love. Click here for 2018 John’s Terry prediction for Gemini.

2nd decan (1 to 10 June)
From 7 to 13 January, the goddess of the heart speaks to you of tenderness and sweetness, you fall under the charm of your loved one. From the 18th to the 25th of February, ride a little car of the heart, you have gained the hand of love. We love you, love you, what more? From 17 to 30 April, Venus, unrolls the pink carpet of tenderness, nothing to say, everything goes for the best in the best of worlds. From May 31 to June 16, and if a friendship turns into love? You know that everything is possible on the sentimental level. So, let yourself be done by the cosmos. From July 11 to 27, love when you hold us, you do not let go, you are in love with your half. Your heart beats at 300 an hour. From 17 to 24 September, there are meetings in sight. Go all out, enjoy it fully. From 6 to 14 November, a dream period for your loves, you conjugate the verb to love at all times. From the 25th to the 31st of December, it is your loves that sparkle in the fires of the sentimental ramp.

3rd decan (11th to 20th June)
From February 26 to March 4, the goddess of the heart speaks to you of love at all times, to you to find your conjugation. From May 1 to 30, your loves radiate a thousand lights, normal, you are on the astral harness. As you are very loved, very surrounded, you dispense around you beautiful influences bearing tenderness and happiness. From July 28th to August 6th, you have a good time to meet, there is movement in your life. From September 25 to October 2, there is joy, strong moments and fraternal with your loved ones and your partner. You need to find yourself together to have a good time with your mutual friends. From 15 to 21 November, everything goes for the best in the best of all possible worlds, there is love in profusion. You do not know where to head, what a chance!

1st decan (21 to 30 May)
Astral Jackpot from June 11th to July 30th and from December 13th to December 31st, Jupiter, the great beneficial, stays in your decan, which brings you good heavenly news, enviable opportunities to seize illico. Do not procrastinate for 107 years, act immediately. Start a new venture that will make a new start on the professional level. There is talk of communication and positive contacts. Surf the wave of success, enjoy it. During the year, Uranus, the planet of innovation is interested in your projects. The unexpected is on the astral program, you do not know what sauce you are going to be eaten. But you will remember for a long time what will happen because Uranus invites radical change …
Vitality: do not stay screwed in front of your computer screen for hours, take breaks on a regular basis.

2nd decan (1 to 10 June)

From 31st July to 13th December, Jupiter, the great beneficiary, circulates in your decan announcing an advantageous period. Jupiter folds in four for you, to you to draw your pin of the celestial game. 1 2 3 go, and go, you are supported by the cosmos, it is about expansion, well-being, optimism, growth, success galore short luck is at the rendezvous of 2012 that This is known. You can widen your field of vision, everything is possible, so do not neglect this promising and promising aspect. If you want to highlight your creativity, this is the time when ever. You will have the leisure to promote your plans, to value yourself. Vitality: Rejuvenate yourself in the countryside, you need to flee the polluted atmospheres of cities.

Egyptian horoscope, description and how to calculate it

History of the Egyptian horoscope

The history of the Egyptian horoscope is not very clear, but it is known that the Assyrian king Asurbanipal (668-625 BC) in his library had Egyptian astrological manuscripts dated around 3,000 BC. That is, at the beginning of Egyptian civilization, although more heterodox scholars and archaeologists date the origin of it much earlier.

The Egyptian horoscope, or rather Egyptian astrology, extends to Greece and Rome with great acceptance, and there arise the divine representations applied to the planets (Mars, Saturn, etc.), associating them with their characteristics. Discover your 2018 western horoscope predictions.

Characteristics of the Egyptian horoscope

The Egyptian horoscope is lunar. That is, it is guided by the lunar cycles, not by the solar like most horoscopes. The astrology of the Egyptians not only studies the influence on the individual, it also studies and classifies the natural movements and phenomena.

Including man as part of that cosmos, so that the Egyptian horoscope is guided by universal laws applied to all aspects of life.

The Egyptian horoscope is divided into 12 signs and each has the name of an Egyptian divinity. The native of each sign of the Egyptian horoscope will not only have characteristics of the corresponding divinity, but also their protection.

Signs of the Egyptian horoscope

Bastet: (16 January – 15 February) Egyptian protective goddess beneficial home. Their natives tend to be kind, loving their home, cordial and loyal friends. But, like cats, they are sometimes too independent.
Taueret: (16 February – 15 March) Goddess of fertility. The natives of this sign of the Egyptian horoscope are usually protective and kind people, very humane and sensitive, but sometimes they can sin hypersensitive.
Sekhmet: (16 March – 15 April) Goddess of war. Powerful and fearful, those born under this sign are usually very vital and powerful physicist. Charismatic and adventurous but irascible, so they are interested in learning how to handle anger.
Ptah: (16 April – 15 May) God of construction and great magician. The natives of this sign of the Egyptian horoscope are patient and persevering, gifted for art and very creative, but sometimes very demanding and perfectionists.
Thot: (16 May – 15 June) God of wisdom. Their natives are great communicators, with insightful intelligence, they do not miss anything. But sometimes they are inconstant, they jump from one restlessness to another.
Isis: (June 16 – July 15) Egyptian female deity by antonomasia. Those born under this sign of the Egyptian horoscope are imaginative, sentimental, paternalistic with theirs and sometimes protective in excess.
Ra: (16 July – 15 August) The sun god is the main deity of the ancient Egyptians. His astrological children are very dynamic, extroverted, with the spirit of great leaders. They like the challenges, but they are bad losers.
Neit: (16 August – 15 September) The goddess of the house. Those born under this sign of the Egyptian horoscope are analytical, methodical and patient. Minute watchers can sometimes be too controlling.
Maat: (16 September – 15 October) Goddess of truth and justice. Their astrological children possess a great sense of justice, they are noble and strong but affable and sympathetic. They need too much of their opinions before making decisions.
Osiris: (16 October – 15 November) God of regeneration and fertility. The natives of this sign of the Egyptian horoscope are passionate, tenacious, resistant to adversity and fighters. Sometimes they sin to be too suspicious.

Hator: (16 November – 15 December) Goddess of love, joy, music and dance. Those born under this sign are sensual, with many artistic gifts. They are cheerful and very jovial, but sometimes they are too frivolous.
Anubis: (16 December – 15 January) God of the necropolis, guide of the souls on the other side. Sharp intelligence, great willpower that makes them achieve their goals, but sometimes they are too ambitious and proud.

Arabic horoscope signs

History of the Arabic horoscope

Arab astrology was developed shortly before the s. I a.C but it was during the eight centuries d. C when it was consolidated as it is known today, coinciding with the Islamic newspaper. The Arabian astrological heritage comes from the Persians, Turks and Syrians, being deeply rooted in their culture, even though Muhammad wanted to take power out of his influence.

Also the Arab horoscope found other detractors. The most important was the famous alchemist, philosopher and galician Avicenna (980-1037), whose greatest support was against the Koran, with quotes such as: “Only God knows the future.” With time and the loss of Muslim expansion Arab astrology became less popular among scholars.
Characteristics of the Arabic horoscope

In the Arab horoscope the signs of the zodiac are represented with weapons and are divided into three distinct groups of the following form:

Short Weapons: Machete, dagger, knife, gum or Arabian dagger. The natives of these signs, in love, are people who seek serious relationships and can be jealous of their partners. At work they usually achieve their goals and dreams. They are faithful to their principles and to their loved ones and do not bear treason.
Weapons Medium: Mace, club, ax, chain. Those born by the influence of these weapons are materialistic and can be rather frivolous people. In love they like transient relationships and find it hard to be faithful.
Long weapons: Swordfish, spear, honda, bow. The people influenced by this group of signs are eminently romantic, they look for the loving side of life and they surrender totally to him but they can be very possessive. They are usually more aware of their relationships than of any other aspect of their life.

Signs of the Arabic horoscope

Honda (January 21 – February 19): Those born under this sign of the Arab horoscope are great charismatic communicators. Altruistic spirit always willing to help both acquaintances and strangers. Although they hate being pressured or stressed, they like to go at their own pace and may tend to be lazy.
Ax (February 20 – March 20): The natives of this sign have no midpoint, either love or hate. Sensitive, passionate, good friends and lovers of their partners. Somewhat susceptible, emotions usually control their actions.
Dagger (March 21 – April 20): The children of this sign of the Arabian zodiac are adventurous, brave, frank and enterprising. They are impulsive and tend to be unreflective. Although of good feelings, sometimes they can be angry.
Clava (21 April – 20 May): They are good-natured, lovers of tranquility, realistic, a little passive, industrious, possessive in love and calm. But if they feel hurt they get angry and lose the papers blatantly.
Maza (21 May – 21 June): Apparently individualists, enjoy in society and are good conversationalists. They hate routine and that can give them problems at work and in love.
Knife (June 22 – July 23): The natives of this sign are shy, hypersensitive, are usually hidden in a shell and always fearing that they hurt them. This limits them greatly in all aspects of their life. They are very tender and loving to people of their absolute confidence, but they find it hard to surrender.
Alfanje (24 July – 23 August): They usually have leaders, they are good bosses and they love to assume responsibilities of command. They may sin from excessive audacity and vain, even egocentric, but they are very generous and loyal.
Machete (24 August – 23 September): The natives of this sign of the Arab horoscope are very intelligent, reserved, perfectionists. Ingenuous, perhaps in excess, are often victims of malicious people.
Chain (24 September – 22 October): The children of this sign are idealistic and very belligerent with the injustices of the world. Although moderate in their general attitudes, any act of abuse takes them out of their cells. However, they are sometimes insecure and often ask for opinions of others.
Arab Dagger (23 October – 22 November): Lovers of enigmas and the world of the occult, intelligent and inquiring. They like challenges and it bores them too easy. It kills the routine and that in turn kills many of their relationships.
Arco (23 November – 21 December): Valiant, kind, charismatic, individualistic but sociable. Friends of his friends and loving with his children and partner.
Spear (December 22 – January 20): Inquisitive and inquisitive, scholarly and intellectual, they love to seek the truth of things. They do not like to show their sensitive background and mask it by being overly disciplined.

Signs of the Celtic horoscope

Celtic horoscope History

From the history of the Celtic horoscope very little is known and the written record is non-existent. It has reached the present day through oral culture and then transmitted by scholars of Celtic culture. In fact, very little is known about the extent to which there was a greater or lesser influence of the Celtic horoscope in their daily lives.

What is known is that the Celtic priests (druids) had a calendar of 13 months, based on the lunar cycle. This lunar cycle was associated with different species of sacred trees, within the Celtic culture, since these had great importance in their cosmography.
Characteristics of the Celtic horoscope

Some aspects that characterize the Celtic horoscope are, for example, that the spirits of the trees (dryads) have different personalities. Each lunar month was associated with a specific type of tree and, therefore, with different personality types. The druids related each tree to a time of year, thus creating a horoscope of 21 trees.

Two for the equinoxes, two for the solstices and the remaining seventeen divided into equidistant and opposing cycles in the calendar; Except the poplar, which goes through three periods.

The person born under the reign of a particular tree received its properties and the protection of its spirit for the whole life.
Signs of the Celtic horoscope

Fir: (2 to 11 January and 5 to 14 July). Enigmatic and mysterious, they show a distinguished bearing. They are usually reserved and may seem more distant than they are.
Elm: (12 to 24 of January and 15 to 25 of July). Quiet, calm, cheerful and friendly but sometimes a little controlling.
Cypress: (25 January to 3 February and 26 July to 4 August). Funny and charming, he is the seducer of the Celtic horoscope.
Poplar: (4 to 8 February, 1 to 14 May and 5 to 13 August). It is the sign of indecision. This may sometimes seem cowardly but they are brave when it is needed.
Cedar: (9 to 18 February and 14 to 23 August) He is the artist or monk of the Celtic horoscope. Patient, hardworking and proud to arrogance.
Pine: (February 19 to 28 and August 24 to September 2). Friendly, friendly, passionate and passionate but a little inconsistent in love.
Sauce: (1 to 10 March and 3 to 12 of September). Dreamers, with melancholy and intuitive air, but they tend to sadness. They are the least cheerful of the Celtic horoscope.
Tilo: (11 to 20 March and 13 to 22 of September). Conformist, hates stress and having to fight for things. Although he is not lazy, he only hates mishaps.
Olivo: (September 23) He is the eternal defender of justice, although he avoids conflicts and is of high spiritual ideas.
Oak: (March 21). Courageous and strong. Person of action. Independent but sensitive. He likes the challenges but with his feet on the ground.
Aliso: (March 18 to April 14). It is the vain sign of the Celtic horoscope. Refined and elegant. A bit suspicious but generous with whom he gets his appreciation.
Hazelnut: (22 to 31 March and 24 September to 3 October). Honest, supportive, friendly but temperamental.
Serbal: (1 to 10 April and 4 to 13 October). Apparently fragile, it hides a great fortress. Very active and friend of the challenges. It can be a little reckless.
Maple: (11 to 20 April and 14 to 23 October) The natives of this sign of the Celtic horoscope are original and occurring, always inventing something. His greatest sin is pride.
Nogal: (21 to 30 of April and 24 of October to 11 of November). Of contradictory reactions, as generous as selfish and, therefore, unpredictable.
Chestnut: (15 to 24 May and 12 to 21 November). The natives of this sign of the Celtic horoscope are sensitive, honest but irritable and generally insecure.
Fresno: (25 May to 3 June and 22 November to 1 December). Adventurous, charismatic, independent, egocentric and impulsive.
Carpe: (4 to 13 of June and 2 to 11 of December). The natives of this sign of the Celtic horoscope like comfortable living and a good economy although they are generous.
Birch: (June 24). Taste for freedom, nice, kind. He does not like getting into complications or creating them. Independent, it costs more to ask for help than to offer it.
Manzano: (25 June to 4 July and 23 December to 1 January). The natives of this sign of the Celtic horoscope are sensual, amusing, festive and sinful of frivolous.
Haya: (December 22) Organizer, entrepreneurial spirit, hardworking, prudent charming and ambitious.

The Ascendant in Chinese Astrology

The year in which he is born marks the basic character of the person, but the time in which he is born determines the way in which the others see it, or the image he presents to others. To determine the time, it should be remembered that the Chinese schedule divides the day into 12 double hours. The first hour, for the Rat, is counted from 23:00 hours, until 0:59 of the following day. The full day is as follows:

23:00 at 00:59 hours, Rat. The name of this Chinese time is Tzu. And usually, these people are nice, friendly and easy to get along with. The person with the hour Rat is considered by others, as active, reliable, hardworking and successful, although he has his difficult moments, since he has a strong temperament.

1:00 to 2:59 hours, Buffalo, in Chinese is called Ch’ou. This type of person has a balanced thought and has feet on the ground. The others consider it scholarly and reliable, but also somewhat prejudiced. When they are young they are considered a bad omen, but with age that is removed.

3:00 to 4:59 hours, Tiger. This time is known as Yin. People born at this time have a lot of enthusiasm and self-confidence. The others see in them a positive and very strong personality, which at times tends to be too exuberant. So sometimes, family life is a bit difficult for them.

5:00 a.m. to 6:59 p.m., Rabbit. This time is known as Mao, and people influenced by this time are usually sensitive and timid, so do not let the world see what they really are, in other words, act to please others. As they mature, they often overcome this small lack of personality.

7:00 to 8:59 hours, Dragon, this time is known as Ch’en. Dragon time is often associated with an independent, original and picturesque personality. The excess of self-confidence these people have may become intolerable to others.

9:00 a.m. to 10:59 p.m., Snake. This hour is known by the name of Zu, and marks a great talent, although, because people born at this time seem very controlled, they can become difficult to understand by others. The reaction of others to the hour Serpent is radical, are accepted or rejected immediately. They form excellent friendships when they both accept each other.

11:00 a.m. to 12:59 p.m., Horse. People born in the Wu hour, give the impression to others of being open, pleasant, happy and very fortunate. These individuals are extroverted, but can become very stubborn.

1:00 p.m. to 2:59 p.m., Goat. At this time it is called Wei.j. People who are influenced by this hour are very modest, so they do not impose themselves on others, who see them as silent and withdrawn, but obviously sensitive. Although they are sometimes too reserved, they feel better in company than alone.

3:00 p.m. to 4:59 p.m., Mono. In Chinese at this time he is known as Shen. These people often have many friends, because of their lively, active and talkative nature, but they can also make them more boring.

5:00 p.m. to 6:59 p.m., Rooster. The natives of this hour, known in Chinese as Yu, have great elegance and glamor in their movements, so they usually attract others with ease. However, they have the flaw that they are not very patient with those with a poor understanding. In addition it is often difficult for them to get along with others in their youth, because they always want to impose their rules.

7:00 p.m. to 8:59 p.m., Dog. The Chinese name of this hour is Hsu. Depending on the point of view, others can see in the person born at this time, someone stable and reliable, others can see someone calm and funny, and there are also those who see him as unimaginative fools. These people are very dedicated to their work, sometimes to the degree of exaggeration and always reach out to those who need it.

9:00 p.m. to 10:59 p.m., Pork. This time is known as Hai. These people seem withdrawn, but in reality it is a screen to hide a great interest, education and intelligence, which is not always recognized at the beginning. They tend to have few friends, but they are always warm and never spiteful.

Let’s meet the naughty chinese monkey

Insatiably curious, the monkeys will try everything at some time. Always willing to learn new things, Mono will try everything over and over again until he gets to be a master at it, which gives meaning to the phrase, “monkey see, monkey do.” Monkeys are also intensely competitive. Your mission is to make everything better than anyone else.

Failure does not enter into the vocabulary of the monkey. Extremely intelligent, brilliant, and innovative, monkeys can excel in any field. They have great common sense and have an important eroticism. When they are interested they are able to adopt a cold and dispassionate attitude. They like to lead and command, and are well-equipped to develop and run large-scale companies.

As a counterpart, monkeys are often unreliable people. They tend to be too selfish to care about others. Their worst defect is that they are discouraged in an unforeseeable way before the most stupid difficulties when they had previously saved others of undoubted gravity.

Playful, down-to-earth and vain, they carry a great deal of evil. His personality resembles the colored crystals of a kaleidoscope in permanent rotation: you will never know what reaction they will show at any moment. Sometimes they themselves do not know each other in this field. The Monkeys are gifted for the circus, the theater, the television and politics, as long as they have someone at their side to prevent their whims.

Those born under the sign of the Monkey are likely to view life as a series of quick events. Moving from one experience to the other, then, is not so much about the things that are doing the feelings that such moves evoke. If something is exciting, then they are likely to act upon it and see what they eat their way. Which can bring moments of great achievement as well as times of loss and learning. What the Monkey represents then is a younger way of life, in which action, loss, and education all have an important role to play.

As a person born under the sign of the Monkey continues to age, however, and transitions into the phases of adulthood, they must readdress the lifestyle and choices that have guided them thus far. While this may be difficult, the momentum does not have to cease, but can simply be redirected towards other forms of endeavors, such as hobbies or new careers. In this way the Monkey can continue to expand their experiences, but they do not risk the well being of the people that have begun to form their inner circle, such as friends of old or a partner and family.

Let’s meet the hardworking chinese rat

Everyone loves rats. Rats are charming, sociable and witty.

Those born under the sign of the Rat are generally popular people. They are always at the center of everything, rats find security in numbers. Rats also have insight and are good for business. Motivated and detail oriented, they are extremely hardworking and super ambitious, they can usually accumulate wealth without much effort. Their savagery and savage nature almost always produce the expected results.

Its main quality is intuition, cunning and daring. They have great creativity and an impressive capacity for invention. In the face of great obstacles, they seem to be unable to meet them; However, that detention in which they are kept for a few minutes, serves them to plan the most effective attack. Because they also have an adventurous spirit and are the most fascinating people of the Chinese Zodiac. Beware, if someone dares to anger them, they are easily angered and counterattack with obvious cruelty and efficacy.

They can be quite jealous in love and, above all, in sexual matters. It is the opposite side of its great possibilities at the time of conquering in these two suggestive plots of existence. People born in the rat years are considered the most “biased” in this world. They live intensely the present, and any event that is presented becomes the act in a motive capable of making them fight until they find their “intringulis” or solve it. They prefer to live from their ingenuity than from practical work. The bad thing is that the money burns them in the hands; However, do not waste it. They feel a special predisposition to the intellectual, they are sentimental and very generous with the people they love.

If you have a Rat as a boss, be careful, you should make additional efforts to keep this Rat happy and with your reservations. Rata women are splendid mothers and wives, Their skills in budget management, negotiation, delegation of duties and organization are optimal. As a negative counterpart, Rats love gossip, gossip, and love to criticize others. On many occasions they are obsessive with themselves and gluttons.

History of the Chinese Horoscope

The Chinese Zodiac can be considered as a mirror that reflects the relation of the cosmic energies with each person. The particular energy of each subject is represented by one of the twelve animals of the Chinese horoscope and its place in the Zodiac is determined by its date of birth. These energies take shape according to our behavior and our perception of the world. They are the foundation of some of the most relevant aspects of our personality. They include qualities such as persistence, sensitivity and adaptability.

The Chinese Horoscope is not based on solar cycles like the traditional western horoscopes, if not in the cycles of the Moon, therefore its years are lunar, each of them comprises twelve new moons and a thirteenth one every twelve years, reason why Which, a new year will never coincide with the same date of the previous year. The zodiacal cycle is twelve years and not twelve months, and signs are always in the same order, being represented by animals, the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, which exert an influence on the life, destiny and character of The human beings, possibly the most well-known – and also less understood – creations of the ancient art of the imperial astronomers.

At the moment it is simple to obtain a booklet on the animals, that gives us briefly data on our idiosyncrasy, advising us what subject, according to the animal that defines them, are the ones to become our partner, or who we have to protect ourselves, Or predicting the happiness that we will have during the current year. But to correctly grasp the meaning of animals we have to consider them as spiritual symbols that conform qualities related to our personality. These qualities are not always manifest in everyday life, but they are always there, acting in the form of secret forces.

Chinese horoscope animals can be highly practical and tell us who we are and who others are. The use of the animals goes back to the time of the emperors of the Han dynasty, which ruled for four centuries, between the years 206 BC and 220 AD. However, it is believed to have originated in the time of Emperor Qin Shi Hugandi, who reigned between 221 and 210 BC. At that time, China was a primarily agricultural country, and the predictions of court astrologers to regulate essential tasks such as sowing and harvesting should be communicated to communities of farmers who were illiterate, hence a universal system such as Are the animals.

To carry out their predictions, the ancient imperial astrologers organized teams of observers who took detailed notes based on the movements of the stars in the night sky. These observations were compared to the findings of scientists studying the laws of nature. At first, all these studies and predictions were reserved exclusively for the imperial court, although now it is no longer so, astrological prediction remains a mystery, and although the annual Chinese calendar is widely used in today’s Chinese culture, only A tiny group of people has studied their most profound and relevant principles.