Arabic horoscope signs

History of the Arabic horoscope

Arab astrology was developed shortly before the s. I a.C but it was during the eight centuries d. C when it was consolidated as it is known today, coinciding with the Islamic newspaper. The Arabian astrological heritage comes from the Persians, Turks and Syrians, being deeply rooted in their culture, even though Muhammad wanted to take power out of his influence.

Also the Arab horoscope found other detractors. The most important was the famous alchemist, philosopher and galician Avicenna (980-1037), whose greatest support was against the Koran, with quotes such as: “Only God knows the future.” With time and the loss of Muslim expansion Arab astrology became less popular among scholars.
Characteristics of the Arabic horoscope

In the Arab horoscope the signs of the zodiac are represented with weapons and are divided into three distinct groups of the following form:

Short Weapons: Machete, dagger, knife, gum or Arabian dagger. The natives of these signs, in love, are people who seek serious relationships and can be jealous of their partners. At work they usually achieve their goals and dreams. They are faithful to their principles and to their loved ones and do not bear treason.
Weapons Medium: Mace, club, ax, chain. Those born by the influence of these weapons are materialistic and can be rather frivolous people. In love they like transient relationships and find it hard to be faithful.
Long weapons: Swordfish, spear, honda, bow. The people influenced by this group of signs are eminently romantic, they look for the loving side of life and they surrender totally to him but they can be very possessive. They are usually more aware of their relationships than of any other aspect of their life.

Signs of the Arabic horoscope

Honda (January 21 – February 19): Those born under this sign of the Arab horoscope are great charismatic communicators. Altruistic spirit always willing to help both acquaintances and strangers. Although they hate being pressured or stressed, they like to go at their own pace and may tend to be lazy.
Ax (February 20 – March 20): The natives of this sign have no midpoint, either love or hate. Sensitive, passionate, good friends and lovers of their partners. Somewhat susceptible, emotions usually control their actions.
Dagger (March 21 – April 20): The children of this sign of the Arabian zodiac are adventurous, brave, frank and enterprising. They are impulsive and tend to be unreflective. Although of good feelings, sometimes they can be angry.
Clava (21 April – 20 May): They are good-natured, lovers of tranquility, realistic, a little passive, industrious, possessive in love and calm. But if they feel hurt they get angry and lose the papers blatantly.
Maza (21 May – 21 June): Apparently individualists, enjoy in society and are good conversationalists. They hate routine and that can give them problems at work and in love.
Knife (June 22 – July 23): The natives of this sign are shy, hypersensitive, are usually hidden in a shell and always fearing that they hurt them. This limits them greatly in all aspects of their life. They are very tender and loving to people of their absolute confidence, but they find it hard to surrender.
Alfanje (24 July – 23 August): They usually have leaders, they are good bosses and they love to assume responsibilities of command. They may sin from excessive audacity and vain, even egocentric, but they are very generous and loyal.
Machete (24 August – 23 September): The natives of this sign of the Arab horoscope are very intelligent, reserved, perfectionists. Ingenuous, perhaps in excess, are often victims of malicious people.
Chain (24 September – 22 October): The children of this sign are idealistic and very belligerent with the injustices of the world. Although moderate in their general attitudes, any act of abuse takes them out of their cells. However, they are sometimes insecure and often ask for opinions of others.
Arab Dagger (23 October – 22 November): Lovers of enigmas and the world of the occult, intelligent and inquiring. They like challenges and it bores them too easy. It kills the routine and that in turn kills many of their relationships.
Arco (23 November – 21 December): Valiant, kind, charismatic, individualistic but sociable. Friends of his friends and loving with his children and partner.
Spear (December 22 – January 20): Inquisitive and inquisitive, scholarly and intellectual, they love to seek the truth of things. They do not like to show their sensitive background and mask it by being overly disciplined.