Signs of the Celtic horoscope

Celtic horoscope History

From the history of the Celtic horoscope very little is known and the written record is non-existent. It has reached the present day through oral culture and then transmitted by scholars of Celtic culture. In fact, very little is known about the extent to which there was a greater or lesser influence of the Celtic horoscope in their daily lives.

What is known is that the Celtic priests (druids) had a calendar of 13 months, based on the lunar cycle. This lunar cycle was associated with different species of sacred trees, within the Celtic culture, since these had great importance in their cosmography.
Characteristics of the Celtic horoscope

Some aspects that characterize the Celtic horoscope are, for example, that the spirits of the trees (dryads) have different personalities. Each lunar month was associated with a specific type of tree and, therefore, with different personality types. The druids related each tree to a time of year, thus creating a horoscope of 21 trees.

Two for the equinoxes, two for the solstices and the remaining seventeen divided into equidistant and opposing cycles in the calendar; Except the poplar, which goes through three periods.

The person born under the reign of a particular tree received its properties and the protection of its spirit for the whole life.
Signs of the Celtic horoscope

Fir: (2 to 11 January and 5 to 14 July). Enigmatic and mysterious, they show a distinguished bearing. They are usually reserved and may seem more distant than they are.
Elm: (12 to 24 of January and 15 to 25 of July). Quiet, calm, cheerful and friendly but sometimes a little controlling.
Cypress: (25 January to 3 February and 26 July to 4 August). Funny and charming, he is the seducer of the Celtic horoscope.
Poplar: (4 to 8 February, 1 to 14 May and 5 to 13 August). It is the sign of indecision. This may sometimes seem cowardly but they are brave when it is needed.
Cedar: (9 to 18 February and 14 to 23 August) He is the artist or monk of the Celtic horoscope. Patient, hardworking and proud to arrogance.
Pine: (February 19 to 28 and August 24 to September 2). Friendly, friendly, passionate and passionate but a little inconsistent in love.
Sauce: (1 to 10 March and 3 to 12 of September). Dreamers, with melancholy and intuitive air, but they tend to sadness. They are the least cheerful of the Celtic horoscope.
Tilo: (11 to 20 March and 13 to 22 of September). Conformist, hates stress and having to fight for things. Although he is not lazy, he only hates mishaps.
Olivo: (September 23) He is the eternal defender of justice, although he avoids conflicts and is of high spiritual ideas.
Oak: (March 21). Courageous and strong. Person of action. Independent but sensitive. He likes the challenges but with his feet on the ground.
Aliso: (March 18 to April 14). It is the vain sign of the Celtic horoscope. Refined and elegant. A bit suspicious but generous with whom he gets his appreciation.
Hazelnut: (22 to 31 March and 24 September to 3 October). Honest, supportive, friendly but temperamental.
Serbal: (1 to 10 April and 4 to 13 October). Apparently fragile, it hides a great fortress. Very active and friend of the challenges. It can be a little reckless.
Maple: (11 to 20 April and 14 to 23 October) The natives of this sign of the Celtic horoscope are original and occurring, always inventing something. His greatest sin is pride.
Nogal: (21 to 30 of April and 24 of October to 11 of November). Of contradictory reactions, as generous as selfish and, therefore, unpredictable.
Chestnut: (15 to 24 May and 12 to 21 November). The natives of this sign of the Celtic horoscope are sensitive, honest but irritable and generally insecure.
Fresno: (25 May to 3 June and 22 November to 1 December). Adventurous, charismatic, independent, egocentric and impulsive.
Carpe: (4 to 13 of June and 2 to 11 of December). The natives of this sign of the Celtic horoscope like comfortable living and a good economy although they are generous.
Birch: (June 24). Taste for freedom, nice, kind. He does not like getting into complications or creating them. Independent, it costs more to ask for help than to offer it.
Manzano: (25 June to 4 July and 23 December to 1 January). The natives of this sign of the Celtic horoscope are sensual, amusing, festive and sinful of frivolous.
Haya: (December 22) Organizer, entrepreneurial spirit, hardworking, prudent charming and ambitious.