What sign am I in the Chinese horoscope?

The Chinese Zodiac can be considered as a mirror that reflects the relation of the cosmic energies with each person. The particular energy of each subject is represented by one of the twelve animals of the Chinese horoscope and its place in the Zodiac is determined by its date of birth. These energies take shape according to our behavior and our perception of the world. They are the foundation of some of the most relevant aspects of our personality. They include qualities such as persistence, sensitivity and adaptability.

The Chinese Horoscope is not based on solar cycles like the traditional western horoscopes, if not in the cycles of the Moon, therefore its years are lunar, each of them comprises twelve new moons and a thirteenth one every twelve years, reason why Which, a new year will never coincide with the same date of the previous year. The zodiacal cycle is twelve years and not twelve months, and signs are always in the same order, being represented by animals, the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, which exert an influence on the life, destiny and character of The human beings, possibly the most well-known – and also less understood – creations of the ancient art of the imperial astronomers.

At the moment it is simple to obtain a booklet on the animals, that gives us briefly data on our idiosyncrasy, advising us what subject, according to the animal that defines them, are the ones to become our partner, or who we have to protect ourselves, Or predicting the happiness that we will have during the current year. But to correctly grasp the meaning of animals we have to consider them as spiritual symbols that conform qualities related to our personality. These qualities are not always manifest in everyday life, but they are always there, acting in the form of secret forces.

The animals of the Chinese horoscope can be highly practical and tell us about who we are and who are the others